Trading Tools for MetaTrader
Trading Tools for MetaTrader

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FX AlgoTrader develops advanced online trading tools for MetaQuotes' MetaTrader trading platforms as well as platform neutral trading software written in Java.

Our current range of online trading tools for MetaTrader MT4 has something for all types of traders, from novice foreign exchange traders to advanced index and arbtrage traders.

Our current trading tool portfolio is broken down into the following key areas:-

MetaTrader MT4- Automated Trendline Trading Tools (EAs)

MetaTrader MT4 -Statistical Arbitrage Trading Tools (EAs)

MetaTrader MT4- Alert Enabled Indicators (Custom Indicators)

MetaTrader MT4- Analysis Tools (Custom Indicators)

MetaTrader MT4- Pivot Systems (Custom Indicators)

MetaTrader MT4- Risk Management (EAs)

Platform Agnostic Analysis Tools (Java based):-


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