Technical Support

CAN'T LOG IN TO THE JAVA INTERFACE??? - we've changed the htacess file on the server to make the site https compliant - if you can't login try re-installing any one of your licensed products by downloading an installer from the license management area - you only have to install one product to update the interface jar files so no need to re-install everything

Our products are priced on the basis customers install and manage their licensed products independently. We supply comprehensive installation guides and usage videos to empower our customers to use their products in an independent capacity. If you have installation or usage problems and you have made a GENUINE effort to read the support documentation please complete our Technical Support Request Form1

1 IMPORTANT: The FX AlgoTrader support service is provided free of charge. It is not intended to provide a hand holding service for customers who can't be bothered to read the installation guides. If the technical support staff believe a customer hasn't read or followed the guidance they will simply refer the customer to the relevent installation guide.

Support Expectations

We aim to respond to support requests within 24 hours of receipt

Please try to be reasonable with the number of support requests/emails sent to technical support. It's a free service, we don't want to start charging
Try to provide a detailed description of your issue

Make your support request count - 'It doesn't work' is no use to anyone!

Remote Installation Services

We no longer offer free remote installation via Teamviewer. If you would like us to remotely the install products for you we offer this service for £25 for a 30 minute remote session. Payment must be made in advance. Please note this service is NOT available for the Index Analyzer subscription service.

FX AlgoTrader Remote Installation Service

£25 for 30 minute session

Competency Expectations

We expect customers to be able to:-

Follow a set of instructions written in English
Be able to find files on their own PC using windows explorer or equivalent applications
Be able to unzip and open a zip file using a suitable zip utility such as 7 Zip
Be able to click on a hyperlink
Open the MetaTrader platform
Open MT4 charts and load indicators and EAs
Have a basic understanding of MT4 terminology